At The Landscape Company, we do things differently than many of our peers. We strongly feel our approach is the right way to treat people. For example:

We design to your budget, not to our profits.
When you decide to collaborate with The Landscape Company, you’re choosing to create a satisfying, predictable outcome for your project. One specifically designed to work within your budget.

Assured mutual understanding.
For your project, we discuss and create a plan together. And we welcome continuing the conversation. We can talk about any aspect of the work whenever you need.

We’re working together. We agree on a schedule that defines the deliverable and payments. Once the milestones are decided, we get to work.

We work this way because we know showing trust is the first step in earning it. Our customer relationships have proven this many times over.

Distinct, measurable milestones.
Progress payments are tied to milestones and are generously structured for the Customer. With The Landscape Company, Customers hold their money longer and pay only when the agreed upon milestone is met. Until the milestone is complete, The Landscape Company will not accept a payment.

 Accountability. The Landscape Company schedules its jobs in working days. We hold to that schedule. In fact, we reimburse you $250 each working day that we do not meet a scheduled deadline. That is $250 per working day … into your pocket … if we are late.

Project Types

During our discussions, we’ll help you choose the right path to achieving your goal. The Landscape Company will create a project plan with you. It will be either a Design/Build or Landscape Plan.


Uncertain what you want? The Landscape Company is your resource to bring form to the project. As we work together, we’ll suggest approaches to achieve your vision. The advantage of design/build projects is their fluid nature. Our discussions may result in an informal scaled drawing, but anything can change.


This a good approach if you want to see the entire project before we begin. We’ll meet to provide you our expertise as you describe what you want. Together, we’ll clearly define the project before we move forward. We’ll create a full set of plans that specify each element of the project and provide precise measurements.

Developing the plans usually costs $1,500-3,500, depending on scale and complexity. They plainly pay for themselves throughout the rest of the project in at least two ways.

1.     Contain costs. The Contract Partners executing your project know exactly what we expect of them. There is better planning. Installations are faster. Plus, there is less chance for error, and reduced waste.

2.     Specific instruction. Landscape plans are a specification. They allow us to mutually agree that each step is complete and done according to plan.

Our Why: a message from Billy

I want to tell you why we do business this way. The Landscape Company started because we see a gap. My partners and I have been in the landscaping industry for a long time. We have met and stay in touch with a lot of hardworking, talented people. Folks who have creativity and passion. Colleagues who want to do excellent work. Before I go further, I have a few questions for you.

What are you good at?

How often do you really spend time in your sweet spot?

Do you do the things that exercise your strengths?

The stuff that brings you joy?

We have never met a landscaper who is in it for the paperwork. Frankly, neither are we. But we’ve built The Landscape Company to free up the best people we’ve met in this industry. They cover the breadth of landscaping. Landscape construction. Landscape design. Effective landscape lighting to give your environment daytime and nocturnal moods. Drip irrigation and drought-tolerant plantings. Decorative stamped concrete. Pavers. Keystone walls and vinyl fencing. The list is long and keeps expanding.

Now they spend more time doing the things that attracted them to landscaping. And that’s good for you.