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How We Work

The following outline will help explain the roles in The Landscape Company projects.

We are the primary point of contact for clients. When you work with us, we will be at the initial meeting with you and will continue to meet with you throughout the project.

We work with a number of best-in-class contractors to complete our projects. They are not subcontractors. They are Contracting Partners. Rather than mark up their work and passing the cost to a client, our Contracting Partners work with us in a profit sharing agreement. This meets their needs, provides us an incredible pool of talented partners to work with, and ensures you are paying a fair price for excellent service.

The Landscape Company sets the rhythm for our clients and Contracting Partners by educating, guiding, and explaining to clients the processes that will drive the job.

You can benefit from our experience. The Landscape Company delivers on its commitment to making the engagement enjoyable, with a rewarding result for the client … who could be you, by the way.

Take a look at the sidebar at the top of this How We Work section. The steps are really easy for you. We’ll do your project together, but we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Give us a call or email us. We’ll set a time to meet.

See? Two of the ten steps are done right there. We’ll do our level best to keep the other eight just that simple.

Making Your Project Happen

1. You call The Landscaping Company.

2. We make an appointment, then visit you.

3. You share your great idea with us. Even as we are talking, we are thinking of the best person to help you realize your vision. If we hear something that may keep you from accomplishing it the way you see it, we’ll suggest alternatives.

4. We talk money. We don’t like this part any more than you, but it’s important.

5. We suggest options that keep your vision within your budget.

6. The Landscape Company goes to the drawing board. This could be informal sketches or complete plans.

7. We visit you again and discuss the plan. Don’t hold back. This is your project. Let us know if you see something that can be improved.

8. We make any modifications necessary.

9. We match you with the contractors who will do the best job for you.

10. You and we go through each step of the project together until your project is complete, meets the plans and modifications we’ve agreed upon, and you are satisfied.

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